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Posted: January 13, 2015 at 1:41 pm, Last modified: January 13, 2015 at 2:40 pm

With the recent change of the Twitter cover dimensions, it has become pretty hard to make a universally working cover. But it is important to have one, because it sets the tone of your personal or company profile page. It can really make the difference wether people decide to follow you or not. A good profile header should really grab the attention of the potential follower.

The header is responsive, meaning that it resizes depending on the size of the screen. It is not displayed on the mobile website, and displayed very differently within the Twitter App.


Twitter Cover Dimensions

Because the header is responsive, it is hard to set exact pixel measurements. The behaviour of this responsiveness is also pretty odd. However, we have set a baseline that generally works well. We recommend a size of 1500x500px. Depending on the size of the screen, up to 70px can be cut of from the top and bottom of the header.

The profile image is partially displayed over the cover, but the placement over the cover varies. This area is marked in a lighter color on our template.


Mobile website and app

The cover image is often not displayed on the mobile website on various platforms (error?). If it is displayed at all, it is a very highly compressed version of the original image. It is responsive, but a large part of both the left and right side are missing. It is displayed in a similar way within the app.


See it in action

We have applied our template on our Twitter profile. To see how it looks like on a mobile phone, check it out on the mobile version of the Twitter website. Be sure to follow us to get the latest updates on the Twitter header sizes.


Our recommendations

Because the header on Twitter is displayed in so many different ways, it is hard to set a baseline for displaying content such as logo’s or titles. Keep your logo inside the profile image, and important text in the profile-bio. Do some experimenting on both your PC and phone to get a result you’re comfortable with.

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