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Posted: January 29, 2015 at 1:29 pm, Last modified: January 29, 2015 at 1:29 pm

Google+ might not be first social network that you think of when creating your online company presence, but nevertheless, it can bring a lot of visitors to your site, and possibly even increase your Google rankings.

For Google+, we’re going against their own recommendations, and will go with a base size of 1600x900px (they recommend 1080 x 608).

It is almost completely visible at all times, but is scaled down depending on the size of the screen.


Google+ Page cover dimension guidelines

The Google+ page cover is currently easy to maintain because it’s almost always fully visible, apart from the page icon that draws over it.

Check out the template above to create a page cover that works for you.


Creating a call to action

The center part of the page cover is used below the profile image, with a blur applied to it. This is semi-usable for making a call-to-action for following the page. See what we did on our own Google+ page!


Visibility on smaller screens

The full cover image will still be visible on smaller screens, such as phones. However, the profile image is drawn partially over the cover image. The Follow button is also in another place. It is placed beneath the cover image, instead of left from it. Keep this in mind if you want to create some fancy effects incorporating the profile image or Follow button.


Profile image

The Google+ profile image is a circle of at least 250x250px. Everything outside of the circle is not directly visible, and will only be visible if you click on profile image. However, if you have a YouTube channel connected with your page, the full profile will also be visible on YouTube.


See it all in action

-Of course- we have applied our template to our own Google+ page. Check it out! Follow us on Google+ if you want to receive the latest updates on the Google+ image dimensions and the latest dimensions for other social media platforms.


PSD (photoshop) Template

We have created a PSD template for you, so you can properly align all the objects in your image. You can get it from here.

Google+ cover psd

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