Image dimensions and header sizes for all popular social networks!

We were always struggling with finding the correct image sizes for common social networks. Information is often outdated, and if not, the website usually doesn’t get straight to the point. We took matters into our own hands and created this usefull little website for you. Just click “Get Dimensions”, and you will immediately get a template with the latest pixel dimensions.

If you want to be notified whenever the dimensions change on your favorite social networks, let us send you a message!

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Image dimensions for LinkedIn

Various sizes for LinkedIn company pages and personal profiles.

LinkedIn Company page image dimensions

You only get one chance to give a good first impression, so your company page on LinkedIn should look top-notch! We have summarised all image dimensions, with a list of best practices and tips.

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LinkedIn Personal page image dimensions

If you want to be taken seriously on LinkedIn, your profile will have to look nice and professional. Get it right with the correct and latest profile cover photo dimensions.

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